At Three O’clock Today, Please Allow Your Young Reader to Either Listen or Participate in “Taps Across America.”


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The pandemic of 2020 has made huge changes in the way we observe Memorial Day across America.

There will still be flags placed on graves at Arlington National Cemetery by a group known as The Old Guard.

The Old Guard will be wearing masks this year as they solemnly place “Old Glory’ on each grave and stand and salute.

I was listening to a report by Steve Hartman of CBS news recently. He remembered playing “Taps” as a Cub Scout and later, Boy Scout. Each “Taps” is a 24 note tune that can be played in literally one minute on a trumpet or bugle.

But, he said in his report, that he was never so moved by its playing as when he heard it rendered by one Don Brittain in 2012 on his balcony at sunset, in Tacoma, Washington.

Mr. Brittain decided to do this each sunset.

As soon as the neighbors heard it, they would came out of their houses to listen at attention.

Mr. Hartman said, remembering the occurrence in a report that he did, was a stunning moment of simple dignity and honor.

Below is a link to “Taps” being played at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

Following that is a link to The United States Naval Academy choir singing the Navy hymn, “Eternal Father Strong to Save.” in honor of my dad, Walter P. Hart, Sr., my brothers, Walter P. Hart Jr., and Val Hart, all of whom served with honor in the United States Navy.


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