Meet Smick!

Age: 0-23-5

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By Doreen Cronin; illustrated by Juana Medina


If you are into minimalism, and negative space can be a good thing, then a white floppy eared hound named Smick, a stick, and a chick may be just the ticket for a picture book read that allows your young reader to fill in the story line. They will be able to tell you the story.

Using broad outline marker strokes to fashion the adventures of a dog named Smick, Juana Medina gets the most from a little; art-wise. And New York Times best selling author Doreen Cronin of “Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type” and “Diary of a Worm” has a meet and greet story of the mighty and the mini into a charming, funny tail er tale.

Rhyming is always a great go to for young readers, and here, it provides the outline for the action filled adventure of a galumphing dog named Smick, his less than careful approach to a yellow and red chick friendship, and the playful play on words that define the wary circling of a huge Smick and a small chick. Terrif!


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